The most expansive Winterboard theme ever - based on the concept design by Anton Repponen, iOS'86 is the official and fully functional Winterboard theme for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Thousands of pixel art graphics created through dedicated and long term development will take your device back to another era.

iOS'86 comes loaded with a library of hand-made icons, and now features automatic conversion of unthemed icons. Convert app icons into 1-bit iOS'86 icons in seconds!

Supports all generations
Free content updates
Keyboard themes
Automatic 1-bit icon conversion
Port of original Mac OS Chicago font

Supported apps/tweaks

Auxo UI and toggle icons for Auxo app switcher.
biteSMS UI and quick compose theme for biteSMS.
Enable through biteSMS settings.
ColorKeyboard Keyboard theme with portrait and landscape orientation.
QWERTY and AZERTY layouts supported.
International layout option.
Enable through ColorKeyboard settings.
NCSettings Toggle theme for notification centre.
Enable via Settings.
Snowcover Simple Themes the album display on your lockscreen.
4th gen devices - use alt graphics in
Zeppelin A themed icon as the carrier in the status bar.
Enable via Settings.


  1. Install iOS'86 through Cydia, and enable the theme in Winterboard.
  2. Use BytaFont to change all fonts to "Chicago (iOS'86)".
  3. Access ThemeReady via Settings and convert unthemed icons, then respring your device.

Your iOS'86 wallpapers have been added to the wallpaper roll in Settings. Be sure to read over the supported apps and tweaks to fully utilise iOS'86.

Icon list


Up-to-date bug list

Version 1.3

Version 1.2.3

Version 1.2.2

Version 1.2.1

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0-2

Version 1.0-1

Version 1.0